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“I have just completed this course and I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in building their confidence, reducing anxiety, and just having a better understanding of how their mind works. I was amazed at how effective the techniques were and I can guarantee you’ll find the recordings incredibly relaxing.”

  • D Edwards, UK*

“I don’t think I can do Hazel justice in a few words, but to say doing her course has been life changing, illuminating and inspiring would be a gross understatement. I have found the whole course fascinating, with Hazel providing regular support in what is obviously a meticulously prepared course. Hazel’s course has been challenging, moving and unsettling, but through persistence it has been ultimately rewarding.

“The thing I like the most is that I am learning to live in the moment;- a cliche I know, but it is much underestimated. I am learning to take a deep breath and take more in and to also understand and accept what has made me tick and start to move on toward being a more content and accepting person through the simple process of change, just one bit at a time.

“It’s only been 4 weeks, but I’m much more content than I was before and already I am handling some of life’s “curve balls” much better and I’m looking forward to applying what I have learnt to all aspects of my life!”

  • Simon Garfield, UK *

“I have been reading Hazel’s articles online with great interest for about a year, and always found them fascinating, so I jumped at the opportunity to learn more via the online course.  

As a busy Mum and a performer, I really wanted to find ways to focus better before performances and auditions and generally reduce my anxiety levels. Whilst I was mostly looking for help in the performing arena, this course has had so many positive ramifications in other aspects of my life that I couldn’t have originally envisaged. I’m a calmer parent, a more centred person generally and various physical symptoms of anxiety have reduced significantly.  

If you do this course, you do need be prepared to commit to some work yourself, but it is so worth the effort and Hazel is there to support you all the way.  You really will discover things about yourself that you didn’t know you had the power to change, and discover tools that you will be able to use for the rest of your life’s journey.”

  • G.R. UK *

“I’ve had a real shift since doing this course, and have really made great progress over the last couple of weeks. I’ve now started my first proper project since starting my business, and I’m confident my earnings drought is over. I’d felt so out of my depth when first talking to the clients and almost talked them out of hiring me, I was constantly panicking that I couldn’t do it, but now I think I’m absolutely the right person for the job (and I’m thoroughly enjoying working on it).

“I’ve had epiphanies about behaviour patterns that I never understood before. I find it incredible that simply understanding why I do something is so liberating. Now when I catch myself doing it I just smile and let it go. I’m smiling a lot these days”

  • S. Livingston, UK*

“I’d just like to say that I have only just finished week 2’s writing task and goodness, was it enlightening and amazing and cathartic and so many things. I have been through therapy before, and I have experienced different outcomes with different techniques and if I am honest, I thought maybe I wasn’t connecting with this as much as I should/hoped to… but then the writing task changed that.

“I feel completely different, it’s amazing. I feel confident, happy, and I feel I can forgive myself and let it go. It has been so cathartic. Thank you.”

  • Hollie Harrington-Ball, UK*

“If anyone is struggling with procrastination or common anxious thought worms Hazel Gale is doing some really great online courses that really helped me get through my exam jitters and organise my thoughts… She also writes brilliantly too.”

  • Lydia Durkin, UK *

“A bonus for me was that a couple of other visualisations I’ve done in the past seemed to tie in seamlessly with your course. It was magical for me – felt like this perfect coming together of everything. Thought engineering, indeed. It’s like being the architect of a new inner (and thus, outer) world.”

  • Fiona Law, London *

“By chance today I was having a blood pressure check and thought you’d be interested in my readings:

Without firing anchor: 155/91 (stressed)
Firing anchor once: 130/91
Firing anchor again 106/84!

All the readings were done within a minute or two of each other. I am thrilled to have such concrete evidence, thanks so much for an amazing course.”

  • Thought Engineering Course Member, US*

“I was hesitant to do Hazel’s Four Week Online Course for Histamine Intolerance as it seemed too good to be true and also wondered how it could possibly work online. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of the material – written coursework and audio recordings – and delighted by the progress I’ve made already. I’ve learned so much about myself and my ability to heal.

Furthermore, Hazel’s compassionate guidance through the Facebook group pulls it all together and the additional articles and links lend further support. Quite frankly, I don’t know how she does it! Of course, you have to be open and willing to do the work in order to see results. I am so grateful to Hazel and Yasmina for putting the course together to help so many who are struggling.”

– Staci Kegelman Doss

  • Staci Kegelman Doss, US*

“Hazel has been working with 1 of our boxers and I can honestly say we have see a massive inprovment in a very short time…. Mental performance coaching is used by many professional and GB sports stars to give them the extra advantage and is now used as part of a training sessions and Hazel is one of the best.”

  • Ricko Richardson at Scunthorpe Boxing Club, UK *

“With Hazel’s guidance in the Cognitive Hypnotherapy course, I have learned a great deal about myself and have begun to shift many of my perceptions. Through this shift, and as a result, growth, I’ve experienced emotional and physical relief. I definitely plan to continue the course work.

“Highly recommended!”

  • Maureen Kinevey-Gump, US *