Individual experiences may vary, so why not explore what you can make of yours? *

“Life changing Hypnotherapist, recommended whole heartedly!”

  • Mariano Vivanco
    International fashion photographer *

“I recommend Hazel unreservedly. A magic bullet hypnotherapist.”


  • Crystal Bennett
    Actor, London *

“I have been seeing Hazel for hypnotherapy sessions for over 1.5 years now, since I had my first international boxing contest at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t always performing to my potential.


My very first session with Hazel involved doing a ‘time line’, where any negativity I was feeling was traced back to the past and effectively cleared. I remember it felt quite raw at the time, as I found myself digging up old memories I hadn’t given any thought for years. But I came away with a new, confident outlook.

We have done a few ‘time lines’ since, and each time it gets easier, as the mind is more open. Now, every session, we work on different things that I want to focus on, so the sessions are tailored to my specific needs. It is reinforced through the use of imagery and visualisation techniques, which I then use in the gym and when I’m competing.

After each session, Hazel sends through a hypnosis recording of the session, which I can listen to in my own time, which helps to keep reinforcing the message. I would recommend Hazel for any serious athlete looking for that edge.”

  • Valerian Spicer
    Boxer representing Dominica *

“Hazel Gale has helped me beyond measure with my depression and other personal issues; I would not hesitate recommending her services to anyone who feels in need of help.

“I came to Hazel early in 2014 after suffering from depression and a sense of worthlessness for many years and after trying the usual medication as prescribed by my GP that were no longer helping.

“Hazel immediately put me at ease and helped me address my issues and deal with the causes of my depression. Although I know depression will never leave me and at times I am sure it will show its face again I know that Hazel has given me the skills and ability to deal with this illness when and if it returns.

“Without question I would be in a far more unhappy place if I had not come to Hazel when I did.

“Many, many thanks”

  • Tactical Steve *

“I am now a non-smoker and won’t ever smoke again. Imagine how many lives could be saved with hypnotherapy. If only people knew.”

  • Mark Simpson
    London *

“I have to say I really enjoyed the entire build up to my first fight, and one of the high points was the fight focus provided by Hazel Gale. I can genuinely say that I have never been calmer and felt more prepared for any sports contest, and Hazel Gale really helped to turn all the pressure and expectation into something I thoroughly enjoyed.”

  • Arthur Irving
    Boxer, London *

“Having known Hazel previously whilst I was a student in her kickboxing classes, I had been fortunate enough to participate in a few group hypnosis seminars – whilst at that point it was nothing more than curiosity in an area that intrigued me, it became the one thing that got my head in the right place when I needed it most.

“Having been given the opportunity to grade for a belt I never truly believed I was capable of achieving, things just started going backwards; training became a source of stress, technical ability seemed to abandon me and displaced/inappropriate emotion lead to a lot of tears – Hardly the recipe for 6 rounds of public sparring! I knew I was making all of this happen but I felt helpless in making it stop.


“Things started to change after the very first session. Knowing that Hazel had first hand experience of the pressure I was putting myself under helped a lot, but empathy was by no means essential. Hazel has a way of just knowing how things make you feel and is able to explain why you react in the ways that you do – but more importantly, she provides you with the tools to work through whatever it is that’s causing you issues.

“I left that first session feeling like someone had let me in on a secret that only I knew about – it’s hard to explain, but the changes, albeit small at first, were immediate. As the weeks went by and my event drew closer, things really started to change – The fear and self-doubt had gone and what replaced it was a confidence that I never knew I was capable of feeling, let alone believing.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better mental state in the lead up to my grading; I had actually started to look forward to it and I was genuinely excited to have the opportunity to show what I was capable of. On the day itself, I was ready. I entered that dojo with a smile on my face, knowing that I was worthy enough to have earned the right to be there. It was by far one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I loved every second of it.

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Hazel to anyone struggling to move forwards in life, whether it’s with self-limiting beliefs or a behaviour that you simply can’t explain. Hypnotherapy got me to a place that I couldn’t reach on my own and it helped me achieve a goal that I never let myself believe was possible. Give it a go – you have nothing to lose apart from whatever it is that’s holding you back!”

  • Bev Gerstein
    Kickboxer, London *

“I walked in incredibly sceptical, and left feeling better than I could have imagined. Hazel is simply great, knows exactly what is needed, and is very knowledgeable. Hands down would recommend to anyone. Awesome!”

  • Charlie Davies,
    London *

“Hazel’s bespoke hypnotherapy sessions made sure I could perform with confidence in front of an audience and total belief in my own ability. I thoroughly recommend her.”

  • Jonathan Smith
    London *

“As a barrister, I sometimes have to handle cases that are very challenging. My anxiety about one case became particularly problematic and I went to see Hazel. Her techniques to tackle the root causes of anxiety were brilliant – simple enough to use frequently but clearly based on an extremely thorough knowledge of her subject. She made a huge difference immediately and by using her techniques, I won the case. I would recommend her to everybody.”

  • JM, Barrister,
    London *

“I began working with Hazel as a kickboxing client looking to improve my physical training, without knowing I’d lucky stumbled across one of London’s best sports hypnotherapists as well. I was skeptical about the hypnotherapy at first but changed my mind as the results began to speak for themselves: she would make subtle suggestions during our sessions that helped me change the way I thought and felt about what I was doing.


Changing my relationship to my practice changed the quality of my performance – and, importantly, my enjoyment of it.

I achieved an excellent result in the event I was training for, and the mental tools I learnt from Hazel played a key part in that success. Once you’ve learnt the tools, they’re yours.

Usefully, Hazel also writes newsletters with clear explanations and easy-to-implement steps to support your independent development. Highly recommended.”

  • Eve Parameter
    Actor, Therapist & Martial Arts Black Belt, London *

“I first heard about Hazel when researching an article on sports hypnosis (I’m a journalist and was writing a large feature on the subject for a fitness magazine and a daily tabloid newspaper, Metro. Looking at her website, I was immediately struck by how accessible and unintimidating Hazel’s methods seemed, though it was also clear from the high quality blogs on her site that she was incredibly knowledgeable about her profession, and always involved in the pursuit of learning. All of this appealed to me, and meant that I chose her as the hypnotherapist featured in my article(s), and went along for one long session to address the sports-related problem I was suffering from: an inability to listen to my body and offer it rest when it needed it…

So impressed was I by Hazel’s understanding of the workings of our subconscious, and her strong belief in the endless positive possibilities of hypnosis (which wasn’t remotely scary; nothing like the stuff I’d seen on television as a kid…), that I returned several times to see her in a capacity completely unconnected to my work as a health and lifestyle journalist.


It was knowing that she herself had been through a lot of hypnotherapy to help her tackle a very daunting and debilitating illness that also helped me to trust her, and feel at ease in her presence (she’s generally very approachable and non-judgemental too, so that helps), so that we could do some important work whose affects I still notice, in small changes, today (8 months on from our last session). For me, hypnosis has been an important part of a long process (which included other types of therapy, and alternative treatments, as well as meditation and yoga) in terms of addressing key issues that hold me back in daily life, or lessen my enjoyment of it and the fulfilment I might find there.

Talking therapies, in my opinion, can be very successful in helping to heal major past trauma, or in terms of the weekly support they offer patients. But there’s also something about hypnotherapy that bypasses, by its very nature, the conscious mind and goes deeper, accessing parts of our selves – our core beliefs, usually – that we might otherwise, had we not unravelled them and reshaped them, have allowed to keep us entrapped for years and years and years.”

  • Lucy Fry
    London *

“Contrary to what my fellow fighters usually experience, during kickboxing competitions I found myself too relaxed and sometimes even unable to feel the nerves related to the adrenaline that the body produces in competitive sports. I felt that this was compromising my performance as I felt a lack of energy, as if I needed something to pick me up.


“I realised this during a session with Hazel and we worked on breathing techniques in order to be able to control and modulate my level of energy in different scenarios. Soon after that I went for a morning run around Victoria Park. I was feeling tired and sluggish and almost postponed the run. I remembered the exercises from the session and decided to put them into practice. I imagined that my level of fuel was low, around 40, and needed to be 100. With short and powerful intakes and exhalations of air I imagined that it slowly went up until it reached 100. As a result I ran faster than ever, even beating my personal best. This technique worked very well for me. I find it very simple in principle and as an exercise, and interesting to explore the potential benefits it can bring not only in sports but in different fields.”

  • Valeria Segovia
    Architect & Multiple World Champion Kickboxer *

“I asked Hazel to help with my mental preparation before fights. I always found difficult to get enough focus throughout a long competition day and struggled to get the mental drive at the time of fighting.


“Thanks to simple yet effective techniques, I managed to overcome my emotions and to switch on the engine when needed. Beyond competitive kickboxing, Hazel’s hypnotherapy sessions truly helped me to improve my state of relaxation and handle with more serenity day-to-day situations.”

  • Philippe Barichard
    London *

“Hazel helped me to stop smoking. I was a heavy smoker and didn’t think I could stop. I wanted to but I thought I was too weak. Hazel told me she could help me and even if I didn’t really believe in Hypnotherapy, I thought I could give it a go and see what happened.

“Before our session, we worked a bit together to understand my situation and to find the best way to give up, then I had one session and since that day I haven’t touch a cigarette or feel (sic) like doing it. With her calm and patience she helped me go through this without any problem. She was the one who told me she could help me and that I could do it. She is really professional and her only interest is your happiness and your success. She will never give up on you and will follow up your success. I now truly believe in hypnotherapy and especially in Hazel. I will never thank her enough.”

  • Julie Mauro
    London *

“I can’t recommend these sessions with Hazel enough. The impact, not only on my sports performance but on my life and happiness, in such a short amount of time has been transformational 🙂 Cant wait to keep moving forwards and using the things I’ve learned… Thank you!

  • Fiona McConachie,
    Dancer, London *

“In a moment of sheer joy I was photographed on the bow of our boat as we cruised triumphantly up the river Foyle in Derry after winning the race from New York.

titanic achievement

“It is my belief that I could not have embraced the success so openly had we not accomplished so much in our work together.”

  • Niall,
    London *

“As an endurance triathlete, three areas ultimately determine how competitive I am on race day: training, nutrition, and mindset. I find it relatively easy to follow a physical training and dietary regimen; however, achieving and maintaining the right mindset over a long distance event is a bigger challenge.

There’s always the temptation to focus on what can go wrong rather than what will go right. The ability to overcome negative self-defeating thoughts is critical, especially at the end of a long race when the inevitable pain and fatigue begin to set in.

Preparing for my key Ironman last year, I chose to put as much emphasis on my mental state as my physical state. After reading several athletes recommendations and experiences, I turned to Hazel Gale for therapeutic, sports-specific hypnosis. I witnessed the positive effect it had had on her kickboxing, and I wanted to see if she could tailor her methods to my needs.


Despite only having two 45 minute sessions, listening to the audio recordings brought me back into a relaxed state and helped me gain confidence.In the following months, I placed top 5 women at all of my races. I won one race and was only one spot away from qualifying for the 70.3 World Championships in another.

Even more importantly, since my hypnosis therapy with Hazel, I’ve attacked all of my training sessions with a more positive attitude and it has helped me remember why I started participating in sports in the first place, because I love it.”

  • Christy McKee
    Triathlete; Ironman and Half Ironman *

“Hazel is a very successful fighter and as anyone who has ever stepped foot in the ring will confirm, part of the battle is indeed very psychological. Having the mental edge and understanding why your mind and body are reacting in a particular way can mean the difference between victory or defeat. I have found Hazel’s advice extremely helpful and the fact that she regularly puts these techniques into practice as a competitive athlete completely validates her knowledge and expertise.


“Even outside of the competitive arena her understanding of why we repeat certain behavioural patterns and how to break these habits and overcome certain anxieties will definitely help you get the most out of your life.

“Highly recommended”

  • Adam Young
    Personal trainer and martial artist *

“I feel the advances I’m making now could be absolutely pivotal … I view myself in years to come looking back and identifying the work done with you as being the defining moment of my success; as what turned it around for me and what allowed me to reach my potential. Not that any one really can, as you said potential is ongoing.

I would advise anyone to see you, I think it is almost a must for any one wishing a bit more out of life. I am so grateful already, even with a long way to go”

  • Ricky Spiers
    Sound Engineer, London *

“One of the best things I have ever done!!! Gives you so much inner power to do the things you always thought you where not strong enough to do!!! TRY IT PEOPLE!!!!!”

  • Diogenes Venetopoulos *

“I consulted Hazel twice for personal reasons but what I’d like to share with you is what has changed for me since. I never used to sleep for more than 3-4 hours a night and I’ve always been stressed and tense. Since the sessions with Hazel I have managed to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night and I am fairly relaxed. That helped me to perform better at work (a lot better). 2 months ago I managed to push myself to the next limit by over performing. I was as busy as I’ve never been before but I have managed not to be stressed and was extremely focused. Generally speaking I am used to pushing myself and to make the impossible possible but just by being relaxed the difference this time was absolutely amazing. I felt like I was flying!! Thanks Hazel!!!”

  • Denise Jaschke *

“In October 2011, I decided it was time to act as my honeymoon in Vietnam was approaching. My husband and I had 8 different planes to take and I did not want my fear to ruin this amazing trip. I tried different things in the past which never worked so I thought that I could try something new and decided to contact Hazel for Hypnotherapy. I did not know what to expect as I’m not familiar with hypnosis and to be perfectly honest, I was not expecting anything of a session. I was wrong!

“Hazel really took the time to listen to me in order to better understand what I was feeling before, during and after flying. She also put a name on my fear: “aviaphobia”. After the session I realised how my behaviour was irrational. Hazel also gave me some exercises to practise few days before my long trip to Vietnam.

“On the day we flew, I was feeling very relaxed before we took off. But what amazed me most was during the flight itself: it went all well and I was not apprehensive at all! I now use the relaxation method Hazel taught me for every flight I have to take and I feel very confident with flying. Hazel took the time to listen to me in order to provide a personalised session linked to my emotions and my fear. She has been very committed before, during and after the session. I cannot thanks Hazel enough for her help.”

  • Caroline Boccard Barichard
    Sales manager, London *