Thought Engineering

Learn how your mind works… and how to make it work better.

Learn… Change… Master Your Own Mind.

“I have just completed this course and I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in building their confidence, reducing anxiety, and just having a better understanding of how their mind works. I was amazed at how effective the techniques were and I can guarantee you’ll find the recordings incredibly relaxing.”

– D. Edwards, UK*
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Thought Engineering: Retrain Your Brain

Take a journey into your own unconscious mind… Begin with Module 1 for FREE today.

Underperformance, anxiety, procrastination, automatic behaviours like comfort eating and angry outbursts… There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you are your own worst enemy. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way… 
By learning how to deconstruct your self-sabotaging thought processes, you can empower yourself with the ability to create new and better mental and behavioural patterns.

Thought Engineering is an online course for people who want to understand, and ultimately influence, the workings of their unconscious mind. Sign up today to start taking control. 

2 b+wSupport

Unlike many self-help and self-improvement courses, Thought Engineering comes with personal support for as long as you are completing the tasks and processes involved.

Members join a closed Facebook group in which we can all discuss the material and the progress being made. I’m available for help if you encounter any sticking points or challenges, and will personally guide you through the techniques to ensure you have the best chance of making them work for you.

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Scroll down for a more detailed explanation of the course contents.

Begin with Module #1 for FREE:


The first module of the course is available for free. If you choose to continue with the remainder of the course, you can sign up for an unlimited membership to the full Thought Engineering program for £40 or take the individual modules for £15 each.

Previous course member reviews

“I have just completed this course and I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in building their confidence, reducing anxiety, and just having a better understanding of how their mind works. I was amazed at how effective the techniques were and I can guarantee you’ll find the recordings incredibly relaxing.”

– D Edwards*

“I’d just like to say that I have only just finished week 2’s writing task and goodness, was it enlightening and amazing and cathartic and so many things. I have been through therapy before, and I have experienced different outcomes with different techniques and if I am honest, I thought maybe I wasn’t connecting with this as much as I should/hoped to… but then the writing task changed that.

“I feel completely different, it’s amazing. I feel confident, happy, and I feel I can forgive myself and let it go. It has been so cathartic. Thank you.”

– Hollie Harrington-Ball*

“I’ve had a real shift since doing this course, and have really made great progress over the last couple of weeks. I’ve now started my first proper project since starting my business, and I’m confident my earnings drought is over. I’d felt so out of my depth when first talking to the clients and almost talked them out of hiring me, I was constantly panicking that I couldn’t do it, but now I think I’m absolutely the right person for the job (and I’m thoroughly enjoying working on it).

“I’ve had epiphanies about behaviour patterns that I never understood before. I find it incredible that simply understanding why I do something is so liberating. Now when I catch myself doing it I just smile and let it go. I’m smiling a lot these days”

– S. Livingston*

*Individual experiences may vary

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The Courses

The full course as well as mini courses for each of the individual modules run online at, which makes it easy to access at any time from any device. The material is divided into five modules (plus an introductory section). Each module consists of bite sized chunks of information about how the mind works, questioning processes, written and visualisation tasks and a Cognitive Hypnotherapy audio recording.

I have designed the course to be completely self-paced, however I recommend a seven day break between each of the modules to allow your mind enough time to pattern in the suggestions using the recordings. What this means is that people usually take six weeks or more to complete the work depending on the speed at which they’d like to take it.

You are given membership to a private Facebook group (optional but highly recommended) where myself and other course members discuss the material and share related information.

The program helps you to take control of your automatic thoughts and behaviours, and can empower you to let go of undesirable habits and emotions.

Contact me to ask for more information (obligation free), or stay up to date on future courses by signing up to my mailing list.

I am extremely passionate about this program. I believe that Cognitive Hypnotherapy should be made available to everyone, not just those who can afford one-on-one consultations. However, it’s not just about going it alone. I’m available for support throughout the course, which means that this option offers a happy (and rarely found) medium between private therapy, and self-help.


Begin module #1 for FREE today:


Who’s This For?

These courses are aimed at people who experience difficulty with anxiety, stress management and/or self-sabotaging behaviours. Common issues tackled include: social anxiety, health anxiety, work anxiety, shyness, lack of confidence or self-belief, chronic procrastination or avoidance of challenge, chronic underperformance and any other blocks that may stifle success or happiness.

How The Course Works

You can start whenever you want by beginning with the free preview sections of the courses. If you choose to continue, you can either enrol for the entire Thought Engineering program for £149, or dip into the individual modules (each a complete treatment in itself) for between £29 and £39 per course.

The course contents include:

  • The material divided into time-flexible modules;
  • Access to exclusive Cognitive Hypnotherapy recordings that reinforce the work done in the tasks;
  • Questioning processes to thoroughly analyse your chosen issue(s);
  • Tasks to help you resolve inner battles and develop tools to influence future thought processes and emotions.

The Facebook group is there for members to share their experiences, offer support and ask me questions along the way. You are not required to participate in the group in any way, although I recommend being a part of the community so you can learn from the questions asked by others.

See below for a more detailed breakdown of the different course elements


Each module includes a new recording of a Cognitive Hypnotherapy suggestion pattern designed to compliment the work you’ll be undertaking at that stage of the course.

These are an important part of the process as they help you to ingrain the more positive thought patterns that can override any old, damaging ones. They also guide you in better accessing a state of relaxation, quickly and easily, no matter where you are.

The audios last between ten and twenty minutes, and are a resource that you can download and continue to use after you complete the course.

Written tasks

As well as questioning processes designed to help you better understand the issue that you are tackling, the course involves some written tasks to explore and positively affect your unconscious patterns.

Studies have shown that writing can be as powerful a healing resource as talking to a therapist. This is a wonderful discovery that means we can all create enormous change for ourselves, repeatedly, and independently.

The tasks on this course guide you through written versions of the key processes that I use with my clients to help them shift suborn and longstanding emotional issues.


The final piece of the jigsaw is your understanding. Each module offers bite-sized and digestible chunks of important information about the workings of the mind.

I briefly cover the theory behind the processes you are using so that you don’t feel as though you have to blindly trust the tasks you are given.

I believe that if you know the logic behind these processes, then you will almost certainly be better at making them work for you now. Furthermore, knowing how all of this works means that you can apply the processes to any future issues that may arise.