Mental Coaching For Athletes

Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Sports

The psychology of sport has become a popular field of study in recent years. Increasingly, athletes and coaches are recognising the importance of mental training, and the maintenance of a winning mindset.

If you’re a competing athlete, ask yourself these questions:
“To what extent is my level of performance determined by my mental state?”
And, “What percentage of my time is devoted to the psychological as opposed to the physical side of training?”
Most people find these things don’t quite match up.

Cognitive hypnotherapy for athletes is about gaining an understanding of – and ultimately control over – your mental and emotional state during competition or play.

Mental Coaching for Athletes

Emotional strength

Your emotions influence not only your thought patterns, but also your very physiology. You are physically stronger when you’re in a positive mindset.

Feelings like anxiety, fear and anger (even when they are subtle) can cause damaging thought patterns like self-doubt and lack of motivation. The common conception that we have to “push through” these things is simply wrong. You can change the way you feel.

A shift like this in your emotional thinking can quite easily make the difference between winning and losing.

Mental strength

Beyond the emotional work lies a plethora of psychological tools that can be used during training and competition.

You can learn how to use your mind to improve technique, build strength, increase speed and fitness, reduce the chance of psychosomatic injury, let go of self-sabotaging behaviours… the list is endless.

Our work together will focus on building the specific techniques that you need to maximise your performance.

Sports hypnotherapy: Going under to get on top of your athletic performance

An article on my sports hypnotherapy practice from the Metro newspaper in 2013.
By Lucy Fry

“Everybody thinks that if you love exercising, it must be simple to stay healthy. But if your day feels incomplete without a high-octane workout, it’s all too easy to stop listening to your body, push through the pain and, ultimately, become exhausted.

I may have the opposite problem to those who can’t muster the motivation to exercise at all, but the end result is similar: I’m sabotaging my happiness by compulsively doing what I know to be unhealthy (…)”

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Mental Coaching for Athletes

“I have been seeing Hazel for hypnotherapy sessions for over 1.5 years now, since I had my first international boxing contest at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

“I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t always performing to my potential. My very first session with Hazel involved doing a ‘time line’, where any negativity I was feeling was traced back to the past and effectively cleared. I remember it felt quite raw at the time, as I found myself digging up old memories I hadn’t given any thought for years. But I came away with a new, confident outlook. We have done a few ‘time lines’ since, and each time it gets easier, as the mind is more open.

“Now, every session, we work on different things that I want to focus on, so the sessions are tailored to my specific needs. It is reinforced through the use of imagery and visualisation techniques, which I then use in the gym and when I’m competing. After each session, Hazel sends through a hypnosis recording of the session, which I can listen to in my own time, which helps to keep reinforcing the message.

“I would recommend Hazel for any serious athlete looking for that edge.”

  • Valerian Spicer, International Boxer Representing Dominica *

* Individual experiences may vary