FIGHT: Win Freedom From Self-sabotage

My purpose – in both my private practice and in my writing – is to empower people with the knowledge needed to solve their own problems rather than feel dependent on anyone or anything else. I’m a firm believer that we can all change and that we already have the resources required to do that. All it takes is a little knowhow.

Fight has been written to guide you through a process that will help you to maximise your potential for success, happiness and harmonious relationships. You’ll learn through stories, personal anecdotes and easily digestible theory; by the final chapter, you’ll be well-versed in some of the most powerful techniques for claiming control over the way you think, feel and act.

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Book Blurb

On a cold December afternoon in 2013, Hazel Gale was declared the English ABA Boxing Champion. On paper, this wasn’t her greatest success in sport, nor was it even her best-fought bout. But as her hand was raised that day, Hazel felt a surge of alien emotion. She wasn’t sure whether it was happiness, pride or just a good old-fashioned sense of achievement. But it was new. Looking back, she can tell you that what she’d felt upon winning up until that day had been shame. This time, she owned the triumph.

Competing in the sports of kickboxing and boxing for almost a decade, Hazel battled with the monsters of her mind on a daily basis – anxiety, depression, eating disorders and, eventually, burnout. FIGHT takes you on her journey from a life of fearful self-destruction to that moment when she finally felt deserving of success.

With self-awareness comes immense power. It was cognitive hypnotherapy that helped Hazel uncover both the root of her problem and the key to her recovery. Ultimately, it was her monster that showed her the way back into the ring and to a state of emotional and physical balance. Feeling compelled to share these profound benefits, she qualified as a therapist and is now one of the most sought-after practitioners in the country.

Fight is like a one-to-one session with Hazel. Through vulnerable storytelling, digestible theory and pocket-sized therapeutic processes, this book will teach you how to alchemise your moments of self-sabotage.

It’s time to emerge victorious from your own battles, whatever they may be.


“Hazel doesn’t profess to be a guru, just a really well qualified, articulate person who happens to have been through the immense challenge of boxing world tournaments and chronic fatigue syndrome.

It’s because she’s so upfront about her struggles that we trust her throughout the book and that she’s able to inspire with such electric force!

This is the most empowering self-help book I’ve ever read.”

Lucy Fry, author and journalist

“Unlike other ‘self-help’ books this is far from patronising. It’s founded in science and shared through the lens of Hazel’s personal story. Written with humility and humour, you not only connect to Hazel’s story but can draw parallels from it to your own situation, whatever that may be. 

We are all ‘fighting’ to overcome the barriers we impose on ourselves – whether that is to achieve something specific or to just be happier in general. A really enjoyable, thought-provoking and genuinely helpful read.”

Think Feel Do

“I would describe it as the self-help book for the person who thought they would never, ever buy a self-help book. With Hazel, you feel you’re in safe hands. She recognises our struggles great and small and shows such wit, common sense and lightness of touch, that her wise words comfort like those from a much-loved friend.

I defy anyone to read this book without feeling wiser, stronger and ready to move forward in a healthier, happier way.”

Annie McKie, former Radio 4 broadcaster

FIGHT is now available on Amazon (and in all other good bookstores) in hardback, on Kindle or as an audiobook.

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FIGHT: Win Freedom From Self-sabotage

“No matter our age, background or profession, it can be easy to feel like we have to fight with our own mind to do what we want. As a competitive kickboxer and boxer with titles ranging from national to world champion, Hazel was forced to recognise and deal with her own inner conflict in an extreme and often public context. Over the years, she struggled with anxiety-related issues and an emotional and physical burnout that she was only able to recover from by addressing the psychological factors at play. Fight takes you on her journey, and provides you with the knowledge needed to emerge victorious from your own battles, whatever they may be.”


#MindMonsters is a creative project that grew out of the process of writing Fight. To learn more about it, or to take part, click here.