I’ve been invited onto a number of different podcasts this year. I’ll be uploading them here as they’re released.


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MoxieCast with Mandy Lehto
You can’t achieve your way to self-worth. You can’t force the squishy part of yourself into submission – the part that feels weak and less-than and shameful. You can’t exercise it into oblivion, or smother it with success or any other form of doing. You can’t hide it behind shiny things. Not for long, anyway. It’s an inside job.

  • How I found “a language” in fighting that perfectly told the story I wanted to express – that I was strong and worthwhile and dominant
  • How working more, harder and faster to be good enough worked against me
  • How “Monsters” show up in our lives. What story does yours tell over and over?
  • How to move from “Magical Thinking” to “Trans-Systemic Thinking” and escape victim consciousness
  • The two traits of the autonomous
  • Why fatigue can be a symptom of dishonesty


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Hypnosis Weekly with Adam Eason
Since starting out as a hypnotherapist in the late 1990s, Adam works as a full-time hypnotherapist, runs a busy hypnotherapist training college and produces one of the most popular hypnotherapy podcasts in the world. In November 2018, we discussed the following:

  • My approach to hypnotherapy and my definition of “hypnosis”
  • Some TMI stuff about how I used self-hypnosis to affect my menstrual cycles during my time fighting (and therefore needing to make weight)
  • My story of competition and burnout
  • The Mind Monsters project


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Urban Curiosity with Clare Barry
An interview with Clare Barry about how to maintain a state of emotional wellbeing in the big city.

  • My journey to burnout and how to spot the symptoms for yourself
  • The danger in seeking the quick fix
  • How to ask for and accept the help that’s available
  • What happens when you fight against your fear
  • The key to developing your self-awareness


My articles have been featured in numerous publications, and have amassed hundreds of thousands of views. Take a look for a more thorough understanding of my approach to therapy and the science of thought.


BALANCE Magazine
My article for BALANCE in October, 2018.

For almost a decade, I competed as a kickboxer and boxer, winning world and national titles. I don’t know what image that conjures up, but I want you to imagine a strong, fearless warrior. The truth? I was all but paralysed by the fear of failure. I suffered from panic attacks and eating disorders, and withdrew into a solitary world of sleepless worry and ever-intensifying fatigue…  Read more

How to Be the Type of Person Everyone Wants to Know
My most shared article on Medium.

Some people are simply a joy to be around. The conversation flows effortlessly. You laugh. You’re genuinely interested. You look forward to seeing them, and when you part ways you feel like their company was a valuable use of your time. Obviously, this connection has partly to do with how much you have in common, but I think there’s more to it than that. This person usually has a secret ingredient read more.

Dream Unicorns & Imaginary Shadows

Hallucination is a word that most people associate with drug-use or psychotic disorder. However, the ability to distort and add to the information that we perceive as reality is a standard function of a healthy mind. If we’re to go by the definition above — taken from the Oxford English Dictionary — then we all hallucinate on a moment-to-moment basis.

In this article, we’re going to explore the different ways in which your eyes can tell you lies. Then, we’re going to take a look at how you can start to see past the more limiting illusions.

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Life-lust & the Defeat of Laziness
A six-step process for generating true drive

How do you know when you’re feeling motivated? Think of an activity that draws you in — one that has the kind of shiny, sparkly lure that gets you moving automatically in its direction.

This article is about finding and fuelling that experience.

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