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Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a ground-breaking, scientific approach to therapy. 

With no pre-written scripts or fixed protocols, sessions are able to go straight to the heart of every individual’s issue in the most powerful and efficient way possible.

In over ten years of competitive sports I have personally used Cognitive Hypnotherapy to break through mental and emotional blocks as well as enhance my focus, technique and ability. Whether your goal is professional, creative, sporting or something else, I’d love to help you do the same. 

Shift long suffered emotional issues; overcome anxiety; break behavioural patterns; maximise performance and creativity; change unwanted thought processes; learn how you can access the very best you.

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Learn how to start letting go of negative emotions and self-sabotaging behaviours with the Programming Relaxation cognitive hypnotherapy recording.

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Contact my PA, Jackie, to inquire about availability. Please be aware that the soonest appointment is often between three and six weeks away. You can ask to put you on the cancelations waiting list if you’d like to be seen ASAP.

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Nominated for ‘Practitioner of the Year’, 2016. 


Individual experiences may vary, so why not explore what you can make of yours? *

“In a moment of sheer joy I was photographed on the bow of our boat as we cruised triumphantly up the river Foyle in Derry after winning the race from New York.

“It is my belief that I could not have embraced the success so openly had we not accomplished so much in our work together.”

Niall, (London) *

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Hazel to anyone struggling to move forwards in life, whether it’s with self-limiting beliefs or a behaviour that you simply can’t explain. Hypnotherapy got me to a place that I couldn’t reach on my own and it helped me achieve a goal that I never let myself believe was possible. Give it a go – you have nothing to lose apart from whatever it is that’s holding you back!”

Bev G, London *

“Hazel Gale has helped me beyond measure with my depression and other personal issues; I would not hesitate recommending her services to anyone who feels in need of help.

Without question I would be in a far more unhappy place if I had not come to Hazel when I did.

Many, many thanks”

Tactical Steve *

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